Cancellation Policy

Our goal is to provide high quality care in a timely manner. By booking an appointment at Everything Menopause you have secured time with either Dr Sally Louden, Dr Sam Davies, Dr Beth Thomas or Dr Stacey Copeman to discuss your problems in detail.

However, we understand that it is sometimes necessary to cancel or rebook an appointment. We are happy to assist you
with this. We are also very happy to convert a face-to-face appointment into a telephone or video appointment, if this
becomes a more viable option for you. Cancellations can be made by using the cancellation link contained in the confirmatory email that you received on making your booking. If you wish to rebook your appointment online, simply visit the Consultations page at www.everythingmenopause.co.uk, where you will be able to see all available appointments. To change your face-to-face to a video call or telephone appointment, please send us an email to: reception@everythingmenopause.co.uk or telephone us on 02380 985592 (the Wessex Nuffield Hospital), so that we can send you the necessary information.

If you know in advance that you will be unable to make your appointment, please give us as much notice as possible. Unfortunately, if appointments are rearranged or cancelled at short notice, or if you fail to attend your appointment, this time is lost to another woman who needed some help. Please give at least 2 working days notice to avoid this.

Cancellations that occur with up to 2 working days’ notice will be cancelled or rebooked without penalty or administration fees. However, cancellations made with less than 2 working days’ notice will incur a 100% cancellation levy.

Please note that it can take 5-10 working days for your bank to process a refund.

Complaints Process

Patients are asked that in the event of any complaint, to initially speak or write to either Dr Sally Louden or Dr Sam Davies.

Patients who require further advice will be directed to an independent advocate.

The complaints procedure is designed to ensure that any complaints are dealt with and settled as quickly as possible.

We shall acknowledge complaints within 3 working days and aim to have considered the complaint within 20 days of the date when it was raised.

We shall offer an explanation or meeting as appropriate. The complainant will be kept informed if there are any delays in the process.

When considering a complaint, we shall aim to

1. Find out what happened and what went wrong
2. Make it possible for the complainant to discuss the problem with those concerned
3. Make sure an apology is received where appropriate
4. Identify what can be done to improve the service and make sure that the problem does not happen again.

At the end of the investigation, the complaint will be discussed with the complainant in detail, either in person or by telephone or in writing.

If you are complaining on behalf of someone else, we have to respect their confidentiality, and we will need to have their written consent to discuss the issue with a third party.

A record of all complaints is logged and reviewed on a regular basis. Information in this record is kept for 5 years.